Lucian Tarnowski on speaking the future into existence

Lucian Tarnowski is an entrepreneur, filmmaker, and planetary transformation architect.
He is the founding curator of United Planet, a time-traveling immersive reality to create mythologies from a thriving future. Giancarlo and Lucian discuss how to reverse engineer our present from the future to achieve a harmonious planetary civilization.

Mathia Milani on permaculture, regeneration, and community living

Mathia Milani is the founder of the Tierra Iris community in Ibiza, where people gather to regenerate land while living in harmony, sustainability, and abundance. He discusses the principles of permaculture and the importance of observation to gain an understanding of the dynamics of nature, and the impact of our actions.

Thomas Ermacora on strengthening communities using technology and strategic place-making

Thomas Ermacora is a futurist, urbanist, impact investor, architect, and open innovation thinker. His work is focused on solving humanity’s most pressing obstacles with an emphasis on climate adaptation and community well-being. He discusses the importance of using technology to create opportunities for communities through strategic place-making.

Bruce Parry on regeneration, egalitarianism, and his catalysts for awakening

We are honored to host filmmaker Bruce Parry on the podcast. He is an expert in regeneration after living closely with a few egalitarian societies that have preserved their connection to their environment. He shares his personal catalysts for awakening which include psychedelic plants and experiences with remote cultures.

Marianne Costa on Tarot and the subconscious, family trees, and healing transgenerational trauma

Marianne discusses Tarot as a map of the subconscious, a secret ally for psychology and storytelling. We discuss the principles of transgenerational psychology and family trees and why we must first understand our own transgenerational trauma to break the pattern and heal ourselves and the generations before us.

Aude Barras on ancient origins of Tantra, non-duality, goddess worship, and remembering the divine within

Aude Barras shares her intimate knowledge of Tantra and its ancient origins. She reveals the ultimate purpose of the Tantric path - to pulverize the seed of ignorance and reconnect us with the divine within. Tantra gives everyone universal access to the divine. In Tantra, everything is one.

Flor Bollini on feminine shamanism and the importance of serving medicine with empathy and compassion

Flor Bollini joins Giancarlo on the podcast to discuss feminine shamanism, how to integrate mystical experiences in psychedelic therapy, the new paradigm of transformative medicine, and the importance of serving medicine to the individual, centered in empathy and compassion.

Psychedelic Confessions: Christian Jochnick

We are honoured to host Christian Jochnick, a venture investor and a regenerative farmer. He is dedicated to exploring and discovering new ways in which we can live better together with ourselves and our communities. An experienced psychonaut, he is passionate about the intelligent and sustainable use of psychedelics.

Psychedelic Confessions: Daniel Pinchbeck

Daniel Pinchbeck continues our Psychedelic Confessions series, delving into Daniel’s personal experiences of 12 psychedelic compounds.

Maya Magdalena on embracing all the flavors of life

Maya Magdalena is a shamanic sexual somatic practitioner, trained by ISTA - International School of Temple Arts, an embodiment guide, and a Serpent High Priestess. Giancarlo and Maya delve into her understanding of tantra, and Maya’s path of ecstatic embodiment and liberation.


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