Robert Mitchell on Psychedelics, Astrology and Cosmic Consciousness

We are delighted to host Robert Mitchell for episode 53 of the podcast series. 

Robert is a religious and Jungian scholar, a Western psychedelic lineage holder, an astrologer, a practical mystic, a podcaster, and a writer.  He received an undergraduate degree in Religious Studies from Syracuse University, and a Master in Counseling from The California Institute of Integral Studies. For thirty years, he has worked worldwide to strengthen people’s relationship with the transpersonal intelligence that animates their lives. He uses tools of Western esoterica that include astrology, psychedelics, meditation and dreaming.  His specific interest is working with the unique structure of the consciousness of the individual, while demythologizing the psychedelic experience, removing the need to fetishize it or make it something exotic. His motto is: “People don’t need to use more Paychedelics, they need to be more Psychedelic.”

Robert speaks about his upbringing in Los Angeles, where his parents were part of the bohemian, creative scene, and how the sudden loss of his father, at age 16, impacted him. He talks about his education, with various teachers from Jung to Stan Grof, Agehananda Bharati, Ram Dass and more.

Giancarlo and Robert discuss mystical experiences and the doors one can access with altered states. Robert discusses the overlap in religion and astrology and his work using the intelligence of astrology to understand timings and cosmic consciousness. He shares a few profound case studies and speaks about the occasionally unrecognised value of astrology.

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