Soledad Davies on astrological theories, influences and practices

We are excited to host Soledad Davies for an episode on the podcast series.

Soledad is a professional astrologer and researcher on the intersection of astrology, philosophy and religion. She obtained a MA in Cultural Astronomy & Astronomy (University of Wales, UK) and founded PsicoCymática, an international online school for archetypal and transpersonal studies, 

Giancarlo and Soledad discuss the intricacies of astrology, looking at various influences, theories and practices. Soledad talks about struggles with her mental health whilst growing up and her healing journey in the Centro Transpersonal (Argentina) where she learnt about holotropic breathwork, plant medicines and other alternative healing therapies. We learn about Soledad's life in astrology and the various astrological charts used to assist in everyday decisions and direction.

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