Tamara Groen on sacred sexuality, tantra and authentic connection

We are delighted to host Tamara Groen on the Mangu.tv podcast series. Tamara is a breathwork facilitator, tantrica and bodyworker. She loves supporting and inspiring others to grow naturally. She organizes and facilitates workshops, retreats, and experiential journeys for others to explore living a more conscious life.

In her offerings, Tamara draws from the lineages of Anahatha & Tantra Kriya Yoga and ISTA.  She is a transformational breathwork and trauma release practitioner, and a Thai & tantric massage bodyworker. Tamara creates conscious containers for FREEDOM, relaxation, trust and SAFETY.

Tamara talks about her life, and journey to becoming a Tantrica through yoga, tantric dance, Vipassana and breathwork among other practices. She speaks about tantra's different colours and variations, and how tantra is a way of gathering tools for life and understanding oneself.

She discusses the Five Elements Tantra Massage and how it is used to open the energy body. She also speaks about the potency of group workshops, with safe spaces to experiment, activities on jealousy, boundaries and discomfort and harnessing sexual or creative life force energy.

Giancarlo and Tamara discuss de-armouring and its benefits, as well as the importance of educating future generations about sacred sexuality, and breaking the taboos and social norms around communication, pornography and sex.

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