Tanya Kazeminy on sexual evolution and teaching self-love

We are excited to host Tanya Kazeminy for this episode of the Mangu.tv podcast series. 

Tanya is a teacher, writer and speaker who seeks to heal and explore sexuality, ‘our most powerful source of love, purpose and our true life force’. Born in London, she grew up between Minnesota and Tehran, and then back to London as a young adult. Tanya has been practising non-self abandonment since 1999 and devoted her life to (teaching) Love, she studied and taught self-love within the realm of pregnancy and Yoga, developed her practice with Meditation and in more recent years has been teaching Sexual Evolution. 

Giancarlo and Tanya discuss sexual ideologies, the importance of boundaries and modern-day sexual disconnect. Tanya talks about her teachings on sexual evolution based on authenticity, boundaries, self-love and worship.

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