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This short film importantly records Lady Amanda Feilding's research, self-exploration, and controversial self-trepanation. Her intelligence, artistry, and comedy shine through during this intimate glimpse into her personal thoughts, stories, and footage.

Amanda was first introduced to LSD in the mid-1960s, impressed by its capacity to initiate mystical states of consciousness and heighten creativity, she quickly recognized its transformative and therapeutic power.

She famously trepened herself. (The act in which a hole is drilled into the skull). A symbol of altering consciousness, allowing the possibility of the heartbeat to be able to expand from the brain. (absolutely not advised)

Inspired by her experiences, she began studying the mechanisms underlying the effects of psychedelic substances and dedicated herself to exploring ways of harnessing their potential to cure sickness and enhance wellbeing.

In 1996, Amanda set up The Foundation to Further Consciousness, changing its name to the Beckley Foundation in 1998. And is known for her 'hidden hand' behind the renaissance of psychedelic science and her contribution to global drug policy reform.

Amanda helped generate the world’s first images of the brain on LSD, one of her long-standing ambitions.

Beckley Canopy Therapeutics was formed by Amanda and her son Cosmo with the Canadian cannabis producer Canopy Growth Corporation to conduct cannabinoid research and drug development. Particularly in treating pain, anxiety, and drug addiction. One aim is to reduce dependence on opioids in treating cancer-related pain.

Amanda's work continues founding Beckley Psytech with Cosmo, which is dedicated to helping patients suffering from neurological and psychiatric disorders by developing a pipeline of psychedelic compounds into licensed pharmaceutical medicines.

Ultimately, the goal of Amanda’s work is to make psychedelics and cannabis into approved medicines, so that they can be legally prescribed at clinics for those in need.


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