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Planet of The Stoned Apes: Early Hominids and Magic Mushrooms Planet of The Stoned Apes: Early Hominids and Magic Mushrooms
The Stoned Ape Hypothesis was proposed by Terence and Dennis McKenna. It postulates that our early ancestors consumed magic mushrooms they stumbled ...
mangu tv blog From shadows to light - Metsa's autobiography
Metsa introduces us to his book, soon available in english. A testimony about his adventurous and alternative life.This is the tenth and last of a 10 ...
Collective consciousness and our need for it, according to Metsa
Francois demange, a.k.a. Metsa, talks about the need in our society to rediscover our roots, and our connection with nature through meditation. ...
Everything is connected - Consciousness in a cultural context
Francois demange, a.k.a. Metsa, weighs in on psychedelics and consciousness in a cultural context; how it is evolving and how we are evolving ...
Drew Geraets / unsplash Representing Consciousness
I got interested in philosophy at a young age, reading Bertrand Russell in high school and discovering a natural tendency to ask the basic questions ...

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