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mangu tv blog From shadows to light - Metsa's autobiography
Metsa introduces us to his book, soon available in english. A testimony about his adventurous and alternative life.This is the tenth and last of a 10 ...
Ayahuasca mainstream - Metsa talk pros and cons of the practice booming
Francois demange, a.k.a. Metsa, analizes how Ayahuasca is growing in our society, what are the dangers and how we could all benefit from this. ...
Everything is connected - Consciousness in a cultural context
Francois demange, a.k.a. Metsa, weighs in on psychedelics and consciousness in a cultural context; how it is evolving and how we are evolving ...
Energetic blockage - Metsa on westerners as patients
Francois demange, a.k.a. Metsa, underlines how our cultural imprinting as westerners can affect negatively our experience with ayahuasca and the ...
Facing darkness - Metsa on the delicate relation with patients.
Francois demange, a.k.a. Metsa, Talks about the difficulty for a curandero to separate the relationship with a patient in ceremonies and outside ...
No food nor sex for a year? - The tough discipline of "The diet".
François Demange, a.k.a. Metsa, talks about the tough discipline needed for a healer to be able to cure others. This is the third of a 10 ...

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