We just got home from our 2nd doctor’s visit with Dr. Borchert at CHLA. Weed The People filmed both appointments and we got the news on how her eye is looking today! First, they said that Sophie’s vision in her right eye is now EQUAL to the vision in her left eye!!!! SO AMAZING!!! He said that she still isn’t totally using her eyes together though, although he said that it did seem promising that we have witnessed her eyes tracking perfectly off and on. We are going to continue patching every day for 3 hours. One day we’ll do the right and the next day, her left. He wants us to go ahead and schedule surgery for when she’s done with chemo, and if her eyes fix themselves in the meantime we can cancel. It really is a simple, one hour, same day surgery, and nothing to worry too much about. VERY low risk, and VERY high success rate!!! 

ALSO….after explaining further how Sophie’s tumor had originally hit a massive growth spurt, and to then almost completely disappear…he said he had NEVER actually seen a case like hers! He was throwing out the possibility of her tumor spontaneously regressing before, but he was unaware of how her tumor was originally acting because I just simply forgot to tell him. In rare cases spontaneous regression can happen with these types of tumors, but our doctors agreed that Sophie’s would have NEVER shrunk without treatment, and they ruled out spontaneous regression as ever being a possibility for her. And now Dr. Borchert has admitted that her case is unique to him, as well. Just more confirmation to us that cannabis in this case has saved the day! Our doctor has confirmed that they too believe it is the cannabis!!! Big win for the Warrior Princess!