Couples Rising: Canay & Rudy on the importance of dreaming together

Welcome to the first podcast episode of Couples’ Secrets. We are excited to welcome two guests, Canay Atalay and Rudy de Waele.

Canay is a business visionary, senior advisor, keynote speaker, conscious business designer, and leadership mentor. She's the founder of the regenerative success platform for women leaders: The Heroines, and is the co-founder of RegenerateX, the learning and design agency which serves “Heart Masters” experiential events in Ibiza and around the world to co-create Systems of Peace.

Rudy is the co-founder of RegenerateX and Unconditional Men. He guides, connects, and inspires leaders and entrepreneurs to co-create new paradigms of regenerative change. His vision for the future is that the deeper underlying systemic shifts cannot happen any longer on the outside and need to happen from innovating within ourselves.

Canay and Rudy have been together for seven years. In this episode, they share with us the story of how they met and recognized their soul connection. They let us in on their secrets of success that have allowed their relationship to thrive, in their personal lives and in business. They open up about the challenges they have overcome since they opened their relationship and how they have dealt with jealousy. They each discuss masculine and feminine energy and how each plays a role in their relationship, business, and in life. They also discuss plant medicine, their most profound cathartic moments, how they turned crises into growth, and the importance of dreaming together.

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