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Arturo Prins is an Argentinian talented filmmaker, painter and photographer who is devoting his life understanding Romantic Love. Influenced by 18th century French philosopher Charles Fourier, considered the first feminist and supporter of polyamory, Arturo explored the theme of non-monogamy in a documentary called “Autopsia de un amor” and last year in a fiction called “Estado impuro”, a beautiful, subtle, funny, sexy, mind expanding comedy about the limitation of monogamous relationships.

I recommend watching "Estado Impuro'' because it explores the taboo of  sleeping with your partner and your friends at the same time like ancient civilizations and tribes have been doing for millennia before the Judeo/Christian cultural conditioning. I personally do not want to practice polyamory but i think it should be completely destigmatized and integrated with Matrimonial rights. I license it because it is a great companion of Monogamish. I would recommend first to watch “Estado Impuro” and then Monogamish. Also interviewed NYU Professor of Sexuality Zhana Vranglova on the alternatives to monogamy, check it out on our blog

Two married couples have been invited over by Daniel, a middle aged writer and beekeeper, to spend a weekend at his farm. Things run amiably and smoothly over lunch. Married couples are composed of a mediocre lawyer Esteban and his frustrated wife Natalia, and a perfectionist engineer Francis and his beautiful young and inquisitive wife, Paola. Another couple, friends of Daniel's, joins them later for lunch: a brilliant and famous international actress, Alexandra, with his handsome and mysterious companion Jacobo.

To their surprise and dismay, the two couples realize that Jacobo, Alexandra and Daniel form a loving threesome or throuple. Once they get used to the idea, however, Alexandra provocatively reveals Daniel's plans for them: his invitation was aimed at enjoying a special gift from the three of them: an orgy centered in his beloved new girlfriend and actress. The peaceful lunch then becomes a devastating earthquake for both married couples.



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