Eliane Gerzelj on re-learning intimacy & ritualising sexual encounters

We are excited to host Eliane Gerzelj for this episode on the Mangu.tv podcast series. 

Born in Italy, Eliane became a civil engineer at Politecnico of Milano. She underwent a transformative journey, from globe-trotting and burnout to a spiritual epiphany in Brazil at age 26. Settling in Barcelona in 2018, she mastered NLP Coaching, progressed to Level 2 of the Enneagram of Personality program, and pursued a 3-year MA in Integral Transpersonal Psychology. Following a painful breakup, a year of celibacy steered her towards exploring Neo-Tantra, Somatic Sexuality, and Embodied Spirituality, refining her approach to intimacy. She recently completed Level 2 of the ISTA training. As the founder of Spicy Spirit, she aids others in (re)learning self and interpersonal "intimacy" through transpersonal psychology and sexuality insights. She lives in Ibiza and offers private sessions, workshops, and retreats in Spain and Italy. Eliane truly believes that consciousness is sexy.

Eliane shares her path to tantra and how a series of workshops and trainings helped her to bring back sacredness to the body and ritualise sexual encounters. She speaks about leaking sexual energy, and the need to re-learn intimacy to bring sensitivity to the body and raise vitality. Eliane’s offering Spicy Spirit covers sessions and workshops to enhance intimacy, support through moments of crisis, and ways to develop pleasure to connect to non-ordinary states of consciousness.

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