Giancarlo Canavesio on psychedelics, healing, cosmic consciousness and regeneration

We are delighted to share this special episode on the podcast series in which Jo Youle aka The Reset Rebel interviews Giancarlo Canavesio.

Giancarlo is a neo-culture entrepreneur involved in regenerative films, he is the brainchild behind Mangu. tv which is home to this podcast series as well as other commissioned films based around sex, regeneration and psychedelics. He is at the forefront of Ibiza’s agricultural scene and recently launched Terra Viva, a fully regenerative agricultural farm when he and his family moved to Ibiza from New York a few years ago. As well as Tierra Viva he is currently regenerating the Sa Penya district of the old town of Ibiza, with a vision to breathe life back into the area. 

Giancarlo discusses his journey through trauma, healing, psychedelics, cosmic consciousness and regeneration. He speaks about his interest in positive transformation as well as sharing his personal story, and how hitting rock bottom in 2002 was a catalyst for change. Through rehabilitation, psychedelics and discovering a deeper connection to consciousness he was able to drop his egoic armour and find inner authenticity and peace.

Jo and Giancarlo discuss the future of regenerative practices in Ibiza, and ways they feel the wider community can support and live sustainably by buying food locally and eating consciously. Giancarlo shares his vision to help people in discovering their vulnerability and the courage to feel vulnerable, and therefore grow – that’s regeneration for him.

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