Zoran Todorovic on understanding anxiety, depression, fear, addiction, and self-esteem

With over 20 years of coaching experience, Zoran helps others unlock their potential, and strive to be equally happy and successful in both their careers and personal lives. Together they explore these 5 human conditions, shining light on understanding, and discussing useful tools to assist.

Monika Aimie on how to live an extraordinary life (not just an ordinary one)

Monika is an ICF accredited transformational and empowerment coach living between Ibiza, Barcelona, London and working with clients around the globe. Her mission is to help clients to connect to the deepest authenticity or who they are, so they can intentionally design deeply fulfilling lives that are right for them.

Psychedelic Confessions: Alejandro Lozano

An investment banker in a former life, Alejandro Lozano spent the last two decades exploring new economic paradigms, psychedelics, and classical tantra. Listen to learn more about; dancing with God, set and setting, his difference between medicinal and celebratory use, the most transcendental experience of his life, plus much more.

Psychedelic Confessions: Ethan Nadelmann

Described by Rolling Stone as "the point man" for drug policy reform efforts and “the real drug czar,” Ethan Nadelmann is widely regarded as the outstanding proponent of drug policy reform. Here he shares a wealth of personal stories giving us an insight into the Psychoactive hosts psychedelic journeys.

Matteo Norzi on his work with the Shipibo-Conibo tribe, and the unimaginable journey of creating Icaros: A Vision

Matteo Norzi is an artist, filmmaker, and indigenous rights activist. He shares with us the true-to-life creation of Icaros: A Vision. And an insight into his personal experience and extensive research of Amazonian history and culture.

Jerónimo Mazarrasa on the use of Ayahuasca outside the countries of origin

Jerónimo Mazarrasa's life mission is to optimize the way we will be allowed to consume the Amazonian concoction Ayahuasca outside the jungle.

Dr Zhana Vrangalova PhD on the relationship preference spectrum - Excitement vs. Safety

NYU Adjunct Professor Zhana Vrangalova researches and teaches human sexuality. She believes sexuality, like other human traits, exists on a spectrum.

Daniel Pinchbeck on the new paradigm, psychedelics, blockchain, and reparation

Daniel Pinchbeck discusses the limit of scientific reductionist materialism. Cristopher Bache, regenerative media, psychedelics, Blockchain plus much more.

Jorge Ferrer on novogamy, monogamy and polyamory - why partners cheat even when they are in love

Professor, author Jorge Ferrer proposes to depolarize the discussion between monogamy and polyamory. Similarly to what happened with the gender-fluid movement where gender identity has become non-binary, Jorge is suggesting that relationship preference should be expressed on a spectrum and not on opposite poles.

Rory Spowers on the 6 silos of regeneration

We are proud to have author and system theorist Rory Spowers as our first guest on the podcast. Rory proposes an alternative ‘whole-systems’ paradigm to the predominant ideology of reductionist and materialist ‘Scientism’. In this episode, we explore the impact of a paradigm change to Food, Health, and Consciousness.


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