Couples Rising: Johann & Rachel on being in discovery together

Welcome to the second Couples Rising podcast by with two guests, Rachel Pringle & Johann Urb.

Rachel specializes in Communication Alchemy, Sensuality through Embodiment, Trauma Release and Dynamic Tantra. Her teachings are steeped in the awareness of self and unlocking the body's physical and emotional contractions to merge with the moment. Her mission in life is to guide people to their deepest purpose through aligning them with their spirit.

Johann is a master of breathwork, and is a sought after meditation teacher and spiritual coach. He is the creator of The Pyramid Breath Method, a unique method using sound, movement and optimum oxygenation techniques to dramatically shift one's state towards positivity; by releasing past trauma, old beliefs systems, patterns, habits and connecting with sacred sexuality. Johann has the unique gift of bringing his deep spiritual perspective to his coaching practices and relationships, through conscious communication and the experience of fulfillment.

In this episode, Rachel and Johann tell their story about coming of age under challenging conditions and the impact of their most cathartic moments. They share about their spiritual influences, experiences with plant medicine, and spiritual practices that have inspired them to help people all over the world to remember that they are powerful beyond belief.

They dive deep into their intimate relationship, how they navigate triggers and the steps they made to make it more conscious. They discuss the value of transparency, remaining curious, being in discovery and listening to each other’s energy, beyond the words.

For further details about Rachel, Johann and the topics mentioned:

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