Richard Grossman on his work with Acupuncture and Ayahuasca

We recently hosted Richard Grossman on the podcast series.  Listen to the episode here.

In part caused by an early childhood trauma, Dr. Richard Grossman has been dedicated to healing since an early age. His spiritual search also started early. By age 15, he had concluded that his only reason to be alive was to help others out of their suffering. To aid this goal, he became a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in 1983. During this time, he was introduced to the world of plant medicines, especially Ayahuasca. Now, his work is a unique combination of traditional Amazonian shamanism, deep energetic healing, and sound healing. His soon-to-be-published book, The Medicine of Your Life, explores this journey in depth. He is also exploring the healing power of visual images with the use of AI. 

Richard speaks about his upbringing and his fascination with plant medicine. He shares the impact of losing his uncle at a young age, his struggles to comprehend death, and the conclusion to spend his life helping people to heal. He speaks about his first experiences with plant medicines such as mushrooms and peyote, and how plants accelerated his growth and led to his interest and life's work with acupuncture and Ayahuasca. 

Giancarlo and Richard discuss consciousness, the mind, plant medicine, technology and mystical experiences, as well as the power of plant medicine to support communities. Richard shares his intention to continue working with medicine to heal religious and social divides.

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