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Roger Hallam was an English regenerative farmer who saw firsthand the floods that destroyed his crops. He founded 'Extinction Rebellion' to encourage environmental activists and normal people to practice civil disobedience to create awareness for the climate crisis. Some of the protests are super memorable, having spent many years in London to imagine parts of the city being bought to a standstill is quite astonishing.

It is in times of crisis that we find out what really matters to us, that we get to discover who we really are, as individuals and as a society.

“I don’t want my children to look back and think I led a frivolous life and then just abandoned them. I want them to know I did everything I possibly could.”
— Sylvia Dell

“The essence of what is human is the ability to make a decision, a conscious decision on what is right in life, regardless of the consequences.”
— Roger Hallam

Now that we understand more about what a ‘global crisis’ feels like, it can no longer be ignored. This is our opportunity to find a radical way to kill off our old selves and to live anew.

‘The Troublemaker’ delves deep into the ideas and emotions behind the international wave of civil protest, born in the face of the unfolding planetary crisis.

The film follows the personal awakening of two people as they learn to accept the reality of climate breakdown and ecological collapse and decide to do something about it.

Through the eyes of a visionary leader who started a rebellion, and a previously law abiding citizen inspired to take action, ‘The Troublemaker’ aspires to stir the audience from a passive resistance based around ‘consumer choices’ and ‘voting allegiances’ to a life affirming defence of our future, invigorated by direct action and collective participation.

"The Troublemaker provides a blueprint for people who are sick and tired of the futility of civil discourse in combating the climate catastrophe. We hope this film inspires people to embrace radical tactics and actions that bring about real change. Our very existence depends on it."

—Joaquin Phoenix & Rooney Mara



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