We are continually AMAZED by stories we hear from people around the world, like the one below from Kelly Robinson. It’s for Kelly and so many like her that we continue to fight to SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT.#Cannabis4Cancer


I have advanced malignant melanoma – stage 4, terminal. I use cannabis oil to relieve all symptoms and side effects of my cancer and the treatments. I have tumors across my lymph system, in bones, brain and on most of my organs – however my blood results are perfect.

 The oil helps my appetite, nausea, pain, digestion, headaches & skin (I also make a topical cream too).

I was taking so many prescriptions on top of my gene and immunology melanoma treatments that my liver was becoming dangerously enlarged. Cannabis oil fixed that too. My cancer moves so fast (I have a mitotic rate that’s off the charts) that the docs didn’t think I’d last 4 weeks off of treatment, so far it’s been over 2 months since my last successful treatment and I still have to wait another few weeks to see if my new treatment can help me.

I am very advanced but still alive for now & I believe that it’s due to the oil topping up my treatment. I only wish I had been using it earlier. My doctors and oncology team are all aware of my cannabis use and are thrilled and amazed at how well it works. The oil may not be enough to completely cure my cancer but at very least it has meant that my last year on this earth was a lot more comfortable & longer than we thought possible. BOTTOM LINE – I would not survive without the oil. In fact, I honestly believe it’s why I’m still here now.”