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The Lottery of Birth tops iTunes & Amazon Documentary Lists standard

The Lottery of Birth premiered in New York in the summer of 2013. It’s hard to know how people will respond to your work. I felt the film was quite provocative and likely to unsettle some people, but I hoped that it would also educate, entertain and inspire. Judging by the passionate and articulate messages we’ve received and the hundreds of reviews that have been written online, the film has resonated with many. Although it clearly divides people, eliciting all kinds of responses, some heavily critical, the majority of reviews have been 5 star, and on iTunes it topped the documentary chart in numerous countries from Mexico to Chile, Bolivia to Colombia, while hitting the number three spot in the US. The ...

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Full Transcript – Raoul Martinez at TEDx standard

“We do not choose to exist. We do not choose what environment we will grow up in. The people we become, the lives that we lead, the beliefs and values we learn to hold, owe much to the lottery of our birth. Our starting point in life is one of complete dependence on forces—genetic and environmental—beyond our control. And these forces can shape us into many things. In fact human history suggests that there’s neither a belief too bizarre nor an action too appalling for humans to embrace given the necessary cultural influences. This simple idea has profound implications for our personal and political freedom. Imagine two enemies on a battlefield—let’s say an Israeli and a Palestinian. Suppose it were ...

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