Gay Dillingham

Gay is an award-winning producer/director, public servant and
champion of environmental causes.  Her latest endeavor the
documentary, Dying To Know, an exploration into life and death
through the conversations of Timothy Leary and Ram Dass.

Gay Dillingham

Gay started making documentary films out of college in the late 80s. Her first, The WIP Trail, narrated by Robert Redford, cast a critical eye at our nation’s first and still world’s only underground nuclear waste repository. It became a community organizing tool and aired on PBS nationally followed by a panel discussion.

Gay then co-founded and managed two environmental technology companies: Earthstone International and Growstone. Under the Richardson Administration she served eight years on the EIB, a regulatory board in charge of environmental management and consumer protection for the State of New Mexico.  She was one of only four Americans who joined Governor Richardson as his energy advisor on a private mission to North Korea in December 2010. Many believe this small delegation helped avert what likely could have ended in armed conflict/war.

Today, she is again concentrating her passion to inform and enlighten through film with Dying to Know, a labor of love she has cultivated on and off for 17 years with footage so compelling it was haunting her to finish.

Gay Dillingham's films

Gay Dillingham


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