How can someone go from a left wing radical to FBI Informant? Brandon Darby went from activist hero to Tea Party darling, leading a double life that still puzzles many.

This is a clip from Informant, our new documentary.

In 2005, Darby became an overnight hero when he traveled to Katrina-devastated New Orleans and braved toxic floodwaters to rescue a stranded friend. Soon after, he co-founded Common Ground, a successful grassroots relief organization. But over the next few years, he began hiding a shocking secret: he was an FBI informant.

“The Grand Jury Prize goes to a film that is thrilling from beginning to end, that innovates documentary form, that takes a small corner of America and looks at our widest issues. For its Rashomon-like investigation of a terrorist crime that did or didn’t happen, the Grand Jury Prize goes to Informant.” – DOC NYC Jury Statement

“Mesmerizing and Timely! Informant is riveting as it slowly assembles a damning profile of its subject.” – Ernest Hardy, Village Voice

“Oozes with espionage enigma.” – Michael Atkinson, Time Out New York

“An absorbing puzzle with the potential to intrigue viewers all along the political spectrum.” – Dennis Harvey, Variety

“A kind of ‘Fog of War’ for the age of Occupy” – Anthony Kaufman, Indiewire

“An examination of the paranoia-filled American political divide. An unsettling portrait of a charismatic true believer, whose most consistent belief is that he’s the hero of a grand narrative.” – Liam Lacey, The Globe and Mail

“Smartly gives all sides of the story their chance to speak, creating an almost Rashomon-like viewing experience where we’re encouraged to decide the truth on our own.” – Kalvin Henely, Slant

Awards & Prizes

Winner Grand Jury Prize DOC NYC
Winner Best Documentary Austin Film Festival
Official Selection San Fransisco Film Festival
Official Selection Woodstock Film Festival

Starring: Scott Crow, Brandon Darby, Michael T Stewart
Director: Jamie Meltzer

Informant Watch Full Film Online Here