Dr Zhana Vrangalova PhD on the relationship preference spectrum - Excitement vs. Safety

NYU Adjunct Professor Zhana Vrangalova researches and teaches human sexuality. She believes sexuality, like other human traits, exists on a spectrum.

Daniel Pinchbeck on the new paradigm, psychedelics, blockchain, and reparation

Daniel Pinchbeck discusses the limit of scientific reductionist materialism. Cristopher Bache, regenerative media, psychedelics, Blockchain plus much more.

Jorge Ferrer on novogamy, monogamy and polyamory - why partners cheat even when they are in love

Professor, author Jorge Ferrer proposes to depolarize the discussion between monogamy and polyamory. Similarly to what happened with the gender-fluid movement where gender identity has become non-binary, Jorge is suggesting that relationship preference should be expressed on a spectrum and not on opposite poles.

Rory Spowers on the 6 silos of regeneration

We are proud to have author and system theorist Rory Spowers as our first guest on the podcast. Rory proposes an alternative ‘whole-systems’ paradigm to the predominant ideology of reductionist and materialist ‘Scientism’. In this episode, we explore the impact of a paradigm change to Food, Health, and Consciousness.


Welcome to the Mangu TV podcast where we will be celebrating regeneration and explore the challenges of our current paradigm.
I’m Giancarlo Canavesio and together on this podcast we will explore consciousness expansive topics - not just spirituality - but also eastern philosophy, economics politics, psychedelics , sexuality and all aspects that contribute and shape our human existence and experience.

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